Driving a car, truck or SUV is not exactly rocket science. After all, modern vehicles have a variety of features that make them easy to maneuver. Similarly, if you have had a license for more than a few years, you probably have honed your driving skills. 

Even if you have confidence in your driving abilities, it does not hurt to occasionally think about car safety. Here are three car safety techniques you may not know. 

  1. Find the safest seat

If you regularly commute by yourself, you have little choice but to sit in the driver’s seat. This seat, however, is not the safest place to be. Rather, the safest seat in most passenger vehicles is the middle seat in the back. While you may not be able to sit there yourself, you certainly can position your young passengers in this safe place. 

Additionally, if you use a ride-hailing service, such as Uber or Lyft, scooting over to the middle of the back seat may be a smart idea. 

  1. Use your trunk

By now, virtually everyone knows that driving while distracted is a recipe for disaster. Your smartphone, though, may pose an additional risk. If you have a motor vehicle accident, your phone and other unsecured belongings may become projectiles. Naturally, if an object hits your body, you may sustain an unnecessary but severe injury. Accordingly, you should always use your trunk to store personal belongings, groceries and other things you transport. 

  1. Choose music carefully

Driving frequently can be a bit monotonous. To pass the time, you probably love to listen to your favorite radio station, playlist or podcast. You must be careful with your musical selection, however. Researchers have found a correlation between unsafe driving and up-tempo music. Specifically, if songs exceed 120 beats per minute, you may have a greater chance of having a car accident.