Personal injuries can occur at any place or at any time, and are often more severe than you would believe. In the case of slip and fall accidents, it may be hard to determine whether the injury was your fault or the fault of the person who owns the property or business. It is important to fully understand what a slip and fall accident is and what options you have.

According to FindLaw, these incidents almost always occur in unsafe conditions. Some places include tight staircases, areas with dim lighting or ice, wet floors and sidewalks, and other areas with other tripping hazards. In order to have a case, you must prove that the person in charge of the building or area was at fault. If there were issues that the owner knew of and could prevent or fix beforehand, but they chose not to, then they could be liable.

Slip and fall injuries also can occur on different types of properties. These types do influence what kind of case you may have or if someone is responsible for your injury. Commercial property includes shops and stores, while residential property includes apartments. In addition, government property is an often overlooked area when it comes to legality for these injuries. However, it also may lead to a smaller likelihood of a claim, since there are also blanket immunity provisions and rigorous requirements for safety. No two properties are the same when it comes to these situations.

Knowing what a slip and fall injury is can help you decide what step to take next after getting hurt.