Motor vehicle collisions often involve two cars or a light-duty truck. However, some are more unusual, such as crashes which involve a large bus, some other type of public transportation, a tour bus or even a train. At the Law Offices of Keri Trask Lazarus, we know that these accidents are especially alarming for various reasons, such as the size of a bus, high speeds and the number of people who are involved in the collision. If you or someone in your family sustained an injury in such an accident in Oregon, you must take a careful look at any options that are open. 

There are various risk factors to consider with regard to traffic crashes involving buses and other forms of public transportation. Many people feel safe while riding a bus, so an accident catches them off-guard. Moreover, many people who ride on buses do not wear seat belts and they are thrown from their seats during an accident. 

There are many risk factors that cause accidents involving a bus, such as drunk drivers on the road and poor road conditions. To make things worse, some of these accidents occur because of careless bus drivers. For example, some bus drivers go too fast, especially around turns, or they do not have enough experience to handle a bus properly. A distracted, intoxicated or inexperienced bus driver is not always able to avoid an accident when they encounter a hazard on the road, and some overcorrect and lose control of the vehicle they are driving. Regardless, victims of traffic accidents need to know their legal rights and we discuss more on our injury page.