After doing your background check on different business formations, you may settle on building a limited liability company. However, before you start a business, you should understand the Oregon Law and what it requires. 

Here at the Law Offices of Keri Trask Lazarus, we understand in detail all the options you may take as a business person starting in Oregon. Therefore, we can guide and advise you on meeting the requirements to avoid surprises after investing your money. 

For LLCs, you can team up with other sole proprietors and mobilize resources and start. The first step is to choose a name for your business. For this formation, your business name must include ‘limited liability company.’ 

Also, similar to other states, you have to file articles of organization with the Oregon Secretary of State and even pay the required fee. According to Findlaw, the articles must include things such as; 

  • The business name, address and name of a registered agent from your office. 
  • A mailing address that does not match the business address. 
  • A statement on who assumes management of the LLC, it may be managers or members. 
  • The name of organizers and their addresses. 
  • A statement on when you may dissolve the LLC or if it will exist perpetually. 
  • A report of the services it will provide is they are professional services. 

After filing your articles, you may have to appoint a registered agent who has a physical address.  Their legal obligations will be receiving legal papers on behalf of your LLC. To conclude the process, you must also comply with the Oregon tax requirements.