If you are heading to an Oregon courtroom for any reason, it is essential to understand the evidence against you. You may discover that some evidence comes directly from you in the form of your social media accounts. Many court cases these days hear evidence that comes from social media. You may wonder how anything you put on a social media account could affect your case. Well, there are a few ways it could negatively have an impact.

Forbes explains that social media is used in every area of law to provide evidence. Anything you say or post on social media becomes something the public can access. While you may have added security limiting who can see your posts, this does not stop access completely.

An opposing attorney or a detective can often find ways to get information from your account. Something as simple as complaining about your children’s father could have effects on a custody case or going off about your boss’s incompetence could affect an employment case. Personal injury cases also could suffer from social media posts if you post something that could show you are lying about injuries.

The court has no issue with allowing such evidence either. So, it will be very hard to keep it out of court and prevent it from harming your case. This is why attorneys will tell clients not to publicly discuss their case, but many people do not realize posting on social media is public. This information is for education and is not legal advice.