Moving to a new city, state or country can be exciting and open up new opportunities, but it can also be very stressful and increase the chances of various problems occurring. In this post, we will examine some of the car accident risks associated with relocation. Unfortunately, many people who are already having a hard time after a recent move have had their lives completely unravel as a result of a motor vehicle collision, whether they were struck by a drunk driver or found themselves in a crash for some other reason.

First of all, when someone is unfamiliar with an area, they may be more likely to get in a car accident because they are not aware of dangerous parts of the road or they find themselves distracted while they are using their GPS or trying to read a map. Moving can also be very stressful in and of itself and it may cause some people to lose sleep, which can lead to driver fatigue.

Aside from the different ways that moving in and of itself can increase the chances of an accident, people face many risks while on the road regardless of whether they have recently moved or have lived in an area for decades. However, the impact of an auto accident can be particularly disruptive for someone who recently moved to a new area, adding to their stress and potentially disrupting other facets of their life (such as their career, which can be very tough for those who specifically moved in order to start a new job).