There are many different entities to choose from when forming a business, but a limited liability company is one of the most common. An LLC comes with liability protection and tax benefits that can serve as advantages for your small business in Oregon.

But you will need to follow the state’s filing requirements if you wish to operate an LLC.

Choose a name

 Deciding a name for your business involves more than simply choosing something that succinctly describes it and is good for marketing purposes. The name must include either “Limited Liability Company,” “L.C.C.” or “LLC.” It must also be written in the English alphabet and may include Roman numerals, Arabic numerals and incidental punctuation. Additionally, the name must be unique from the names of other companies registered with the Oregon Secretary of State.

Designate a registered agent

 According to the Oregon Secretary of State, every business entity must have a registered agent who has a street address in the state. The address must not be a private mailbox, commercial mail receiving agency or a post office box. The core responsibility of the registered agent is to handle legal papers on behalf of your LLC if it is subject to a lawsuit.

Submit an Articles of Organization form

 You officially create an LLC by filing an Articles of Organization document with the Oregon Secretary of State. This document requires you to include details of the LLC, including the duration, name and address and management structure.

While this information may provide a basic understanding of the LLC formation process, it does not constitute legal advice.