A collision can take place at any given moment and under a multitude of scenarios. Drivers who fail to adhere to a traffic light or stop sign may substantially increase the chances that motor vehicle accidents will occur, and similar incidents run the risk of placing the well-being of all parties involved in jeopardy. A 62-year-old woman died following a recent crash that took place at an intersection in Oregon.

The accident reportedly occurred on a recent Friday when the driver of an eastbound car failed to adhere to a stop sign. Upon entering the intersection, the car suddenly collided with a northbound vehicle. The driver of the second vehicle reportedly suffered severe injuries and was rushed to a hospital for medical care, and she passed away shortly after being transported to another facility for additional treatment.

According to reports, the driver who caused the crash and a passenger in this vehicle were not injured in the crash. Police have also advised that impairment doesn’t appear to have been a contributing factor in the accident. Although an investigation is underway, no further details were provided as to why the driver of the first car failed to adhere to the stop sign.

Losing someone close can be a traumatic experience, especially when the loss comes as the result of another party’s negligent actions. Those who suffer loss under similar circumstances following motor vehicle accidents could choose to speak with an experienced attorney for guidance on their available options for legal recourse. An attorney can examine the accident and assist a client in Oregon in pursuing the full amount of restitution deserved through a wrongful death claim.