Failing to pay heed to traffic lights or signs upon approaching an intersection can be dangerous. Such a negligent action only increases the odds that a collision may occur, and motor vehicle accidents that take place at intersections can have disastrous consequences. A recent two-vehicle collision that took place at an intersection in Oregon has reportedly left one driver with severe injuries and claimed the life of another.

Authorities assert the accident happened at a local intersection on a recent Wednesday morning. For reasons still under investigation, the driver of a northbound car suddenly crashed into the side of a westbound vehicle. Police have advised the the driver of the car died at the scene of the accident, while the other driver was rushed to the hospital for medical care.

Although an investigation into the incident is currently underway, no further details were provided as to what might have caused it to occur. It remains unclear if one of the drivers might have failed to adhere to a traffic light or stop sign prior to entering the intersection. Should the investigation deem one party at fault in the crash, the victim or the surviving loved ones of the deceased may wish to pursue accountability through the civil justice system.

Those who suffer severe injuries or lose a loved one in motor vehicle accidents may find it helpful to seek guidance on the next steps to take to pursue restitution. An attorney can examine the incident and provide a person in Oregon with guidance on the best course of action with which to proceed. This type of advice could help a person better prepare to pursue the compensation entitled through a claim against the party deemed at fault.