Several individuals were injured and one person was killed in a recent multiple-vehicle collision that took place in Oregon. Chain reaction motor vehicle accidents can be devastating incidents that place the well-being of everyone nearby in harm’s way. Those who lose someone close in such a collision may be left in search of answers, or even justice, but the process of pursuing restitution can be complex.

Law enforcement agents advised the incident occurred at around 8 a.m. on a recent Tuesday. For reasons unknown, the driver of an eastbound vehicle crossed into the wrong lane of traffic and struck the side of a nearby truck soon thereafter. Following the initial impact, the vehicle proceeded to strike an oncoming car head-on. A fourth vehicle was unable to stop in time to avoid collision and slammed into the rear of the first vehicle before coming to a halt.

The driver of the first vehicle reportedly suffered fatal injuries and died at the scene. While some of those involved were treated at the scene and released shortly thereafter, two occupants in the car were transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries. Although it is unclear what might have caused the driver to enter the wrong lane of traffic, initial investigations suggest that glare from the sun might have been a contributing factor.

Those who suffer serious injuries in motor vehicle accidents due to the negligence of another party may wish to know more about their available options to pursue restitution. For guidance in navigating the civil justice system, a person in Oregon could choose to retain the services of an attorney early on. An attorney can examine the incident and assist a client in pursuing the full amount of compensation deserved through a claim against the party deemed at fault.