With only two weeks left until Halloween, many people are finishing their costumes and planning the final details of their parties. Halloween is known as one of the most exciting holidays of the year, and with good reason: It’s a time when people revel in making mischief.

However, Halloween is also known as a time of increased drunk driving. When you are planning your festivities, you should factor this into your plans. Drunk driving can result in severe personal injuries, but you can use a few helpful tips to avoid them.

  • Drink in moderation

If you and your friends will be drinking, drink in moderation. Keep an eye on your friends and other partygoers, and encourage them to limit their alcohol consumption. If someone seems too intoxicated to drive, take away their keys.

  • Get a sober driver

Sober rides can save lives. If you and your friends drink too much alcohol to drive your own cars, hire a rideshare or taxi to get you home safely. You can also designate a sober driver who will provide safe rides. Public transportation is another excellent alternative to drinking and driving.

  • Contact the authorities

If you notice a car swerving between lanes, accelerating and decelerating rapidly or demonstrating other signs of impaired driving, don’t just look the other way. Contact the police, and they will get the drunk driver off the road. You may hesitate to call 911, but it could save someone’s life.

  • Consider your legal options

Even if you take every possible precaution, a drunk driver could still injure you. If this does happen, protect your rights. Many survivors of drunk-driving accidents work with an attorney to help them obtain compensation for their damages.