Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles and are thus more difficult to spot out on the road, especially at night. Should a driver fail to notice an oncoming motorcycle prior to making a turn, the results can be devastating, as motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles can cause serious harm to the health of a rider. A 19-year-old man is reportedly in critical condition following a recent collision in Oregon.

The accident reportedly took place on a recent Sunday around 6 p.m. as a vehicle was attempting to make a left turn. Initial investigations suggest that the driver failed to notice an oncoming motorcycle and proceeded to turn directly into the path of the bike. Upon arriving at the scene, emergency responders say they found the man trapped underneath the other vehicle and state that he was unconscious.

After responders were able to free the man from underneath the vehicle, he was airlifted to a hospital for treatment. Although authorities have advised he was wearing a helmet at the time, he reportedly suffered life-threatening injuries in the accident. While many riders take precautions to increase their visibility while riding at night, on some level, their safety may still lie in the hands of other drivers.

With the extensive costs of medical treatment, those who suffer serious harm in motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles may encounter a variety of financial hardships. If another driver caused the collision, the victim may wish to pursue restitution, but the civil justice system can be complex. Fortunately, there are attorneys that can assist a person in Oregon in pursuing the full amount of compensation entitled through a personal injury claim against the party deemed culpable.