You are driving down the road when a distracted driver hits you. Unfortunately, you suffer significant injuries – a serious concussion, broken bones and spinal issues. Although you know that you did not cause your accident, you know that fault does not matter in Oregon car accident cases.

Oregon operates under no-fault car accident laws. When you and another driver are involved in a car accident, the court does not recognize which driver caused the accident, nor does the court place percentages of fault on each of the drivers. Instead, your own personal injury protection insurance will pay for much of your associated costs of your injury. However, should PIP coverage not cover all of your expenses, you may have the opportunity to sue the driver that caused the accident to obtain your required compensation. When dealing with car accidents, personal injury and receiving reimbursement for injuries, it is wise to speak with an attorney, so that he or she can aid you in your fight for your expenses.

PIP coverage and your right to compensation

According to Oregon law, PIP policies, depending on the coverage you purchase, pay for your related expenses after a car accident. Oregon law ensures that you do not prove financially distraught after an accident that you may not have even caused.

PIP coverage extends to the following expenses.

  • Medical, hospital and surgical expenses up to $15,000
  • Disability and loss of work up to $3,000 per month

Should you face a life-altering impairment or serious injury, you may realize that the maximum payments provided by PIP coverage will not cover all of your expenses. You have the authority to file a claim, with the help of an attorney, to obtain further damages from the driver that injured you.

Your attorney will help you provide evidence and bills to present to the court to try to obtain compensation. Though Oregon identifies as a no-fault claim state, both your PIP coverage and your right to file a claim against an individual still exist to reimburse you for your injuries.